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❝ いらっしゃいませ ! ❞
❝ irasshaimase! ❞

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♡ large art commissions ♡
includes blinking animation at the specified size
♡ headshot: $25 (1000x1000px)
♡ bust-up: $30 (1000x1000px)
♡ half body: $40 (1000x<1500px)

♡ display picture commissions ♡
♡ flatprice: $25 (320x440px & 160x220px)
roughly bust-up & a little less detailed than my standard style due to the canvas size.

♡ reference sheet commissions ♡
♡ base price: $45 (1500x1500px)
includes a flat-coloured drawing of the character on my sketch base plus 2-3 items. extra items can be added for $5+ each

(sample needs update - will have my newer eye style. extra items aren't included)
♡ simple fullbody commissions ♡
♡ full body: $45
non-animated fullbody artwork with 1-2 layers of shading
dp crops can be added for +$5 (includes blinking)
additional animations are limited to wink, blush, sparkle, teary eyes, arm movement & simple expression change

♡ add-ons ♡
custom character // $5
props (plushie, pet, weapon etc) // $5-$10
semi-complicated background // $5-$10
alternate dp texts // $3
complicated characters may cost extra, price can vary

♡ animations ♡
simple // $3
(blush, teary eyes, sparkle, wink, arm "bounce")
medium // $5
(simple expression change, small ear wiggle (eg. cat))
complex // $8
(complex expression change, large ear wiggle (eg. bunny), crying, dripping blood)

animation costs may increase if the animated area is complicated
I may also be able to do other animations, feel free to ask.

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Terms of Service
By placing an order, you agree you have read and understood my terms of service.
I accept payments via PayPal invoice, Square invoice, or Ko-fi.
All my pricing is in United States Dollars (USD) unless otherwise discussed.
Payment is to be made upfront and in full. Payment is due within 24hrs of the invoice being sent unless otherwise discussed.
Strictly no refunds unless I am unable to complete the piece. Refunds may only be initiated by me.
I retain all rights to my art. A watermarked version of your commission may be posted to my social media and/or shared as a sample.
Listed pricing is for personal use only. Commercial licenses may be discussed.
My art may be resold for the purchase price or lower. If the art is of an OC, the whole OC must be sold together. Text changes for Display Pictures (DPs) are $3USD, paid through Ko-fi. You may not edit or remove texts yourself.
(For large art) You will be provided a watermarked and unwatermarked file. Please only share the watermarked version publically.
(For DP art) I do not remove my watermark from DP-sized art.
If reposting/sharing my art, you must clearly credit me.
GIFs have a colour limit that is out of my control. Very colourful characters may have colour discrepancies or noise in the final GIF.