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commission status: open
digital illustrator & graphic designer

Certificate IV of Design (2020) & Diploma of Graphic Design (2021)

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NOTE: if requesting commercial use, this must be made clear upfront. using my art as any sort of stream/video asset falls under commercial use. information for commercial use can be found in my ToS.

♡ size ♡♡ detailed style ♡♡ simple style ♡

♡ live2d icon ♡
bust-up art on a 500x500px canvas
will include animations such as breathing, blinking, hair movement, and anything else I think would be cute!
♡ starting price: $65

♡ pixel doodles ♡
bust-up art on a 500x500px canvas, plus a 675x750px version with and old ms paint-style border
drawn with a binary brush + simple shading
text for the top bar is customizable ([your text] - Paint)
♡ price: $35

♡ reference sheets ♡
includes a basic shaded fullbody, chibi, headshot and 2-3 items
♡ full set price: $110
♡ non-full set prices can be discussed

♡ pixel icons ♡
includes blinking & bouncy hearts or sparkles.
ych style in one of the displayed poses only.
100x100px, characters may be simplified due to the small canvas size. larger resizes are available upon request.
♡ pixel icon: $25

♡ nesoberi ♡
ych style in one of the displayed poses only.
characters will be intentionally simplified to suit the nesoberi style, this includes plain white eyes if not otherwise requested
♡ nesoberi ych: $20

♡ add-ons ♡ 
additional characterprice x2
props (pet, weapon, etc)$5-$15+
complex character$5-$15+
complex pose$5-$15+
custom character design$10
♡ animations ♡  
simple(blush, teary eyes, sparkle)$3
medium(blink, wink, expression change, small ear wiggle (eg cat)$5
complex(large ear wiggle (eg. bunny), crying, dripping blood$8
particle effects*(snow, rain, light leak)$8
live2d pack*headshot price, various animations included$20+
live2d pack*bust-up price, various animations included$30+
live2d pack*halfbody price, various animations included$45+
live2d pack*fullbody price, various animations included$70+

*particle effects & live2d animations will inflate the file size a lot
animation costs may increase if the animated area is particularly complicated
I may also be able to do other animations, feel free to ask.

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Terms of Service for lotusillustration/designbylotusGeneral
-By placing an order, you agree you have read and understood my terms of service.
-I accept payments via PayPal invoice, Square invoice, or Ko-fi.
-All my pricing is in United States Dollars (USD) unless otherwise discussed.
-Payment is to be made upfront and in full. Payment is due within 24hrs of the invoice being sent unless otherwise discussed.
-I retain all rights to my art. A watermarked version of your commission may be posted to my social media and/or shared as a sample.
-My art may not be edited in any way without my explicit consent.
-(For regular art) You will be provided a watermarked and unwatermarked file. Please only share the watermarked version publically.
-(For DP art) I do not remove my watermark from DP-sized art.
-If reposting/sharing my art, you must clearly credit me.
-GIFs have a colour limit that is out of my control. Very colourful characters may have colour discrepancies or noise in the final GIF.
-While I generally try to finish in order, I do work concurrently meaning sometimes simpler pieces may be finished before more complex ones.
-My art is not permitted to be uploaded to AI art software or to be used in machine learning of any kind. This applies to art by me of any kind, including if you commissioned the art and/or paid for commercial usage.
-My art may be resold for the purchase price or lower.
-If the art is of an OC, the whole OC must be sold/traded together.
Text changes for Display Pictures (DPs) are $3USD, paid through Ko-fi. You may not edit or remove texts yourself.
-Please ask me before reselling/trading pieces that require name changes to ensure I still have the files to edit.
-You may add your own art into the value of a resell, provided you value it at the cost of your equivalent commissions at the time of posting. However, if this rule goes against another involved artist’s ToS, a species ToS, etc, you must follow their rules.
Refund Policies
-Full refunds will only be provided if I have not started the piece.
-Refunds of up to 50% can be given in the lineart stage or earlier. These should only be requested under extenuating circumstances. In this circumstance, I reserve the right to resell the pose as a YCH. You may not finish the work or have another artist finish it.
-Refunds will not be given past the lineart stage unless I am unable to finish the piece.
-You may not issue a chargeback without consulting me first. This will result in blacklisting and revocation of the art.
-Abuse of the refund system may result in blacklisting.
Commercial Use
-Listed pricing is for personal use only. Personal use includes uploading watermarked art to your social media, using the artwork as an icon/display picture, or for any other activities you will not profit from. Credit is required where possible.
-Commercial Use A: If you wish to use the art for promotion/advertising (this includes most VTuber activity, including stream assets, etc), it falls under Commercial Use A. This will cost 200% of the original cost of the art. Credit is appreciated where possible.
-Commercial Use B: If you will directly profit from the art, such as selling/distributing it as merchandise or as a reward for a paid service such as Patreon or Twitch, it falls under Commercial Use B. This will cost 300% of the original cost of the art. Credit is appreciated where possible.
-Commercial Use C: This applies to adoptables or other original designs made by me. This is +$100USD in most circumstances; however, if the original cost of the design exceeds $100USD, it will be 200% of the original cost.