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commission status: open
digital illustrator & graphic designer

Certificate IV of Design (2020) & Diploma of Graphic Design (2021)

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NOTE: if requesting commercial use, this must be made clear upfront. using my art as any sort of stream/video asset falls under commercial use. information for commercial use can be found in my ToS.

♡ regular style ♡
♡ headshot: $30 (1000x1000px)
♡ bust-up: $35 (1000x1000px)
♡ half body: $45 (1000x<1500px)

♡ tall chibis ♡
includes simple bouncing items as decoration
♡ full body: $40

♡ simple chibis ♡
includes simple bouncing items as decoration
blinking is not available for this style
♡ full body: $30

♡ reference sheets ♡
includes a flat-coloured drawing of the character on my sketch base plus 2-3 items. extra items can be added for $5+ each
♡ regular style: $70
♡ chibi style: $50

♡ display pictures ♡
all dp size art is roughly bust-up.
♡ flatprice: $28 (320x440px & 160x220px)

♡ pixel art ♡
standard size is 160x220px.
sizes can be between 150x150px-250x250px.
♡ flatprice: $32 (160x220px)

♡ pixel dolls ♡
includes blinking & bouncing animation, ych style in the displayed pose only.
extra charges may apply for complex/long/curly hair.
♡ full body in the displayed pose: $40

♡ pixel icons ♡
includes blinking & bouncy hearts or sparkles.
ych style in one of the displayed poses only.
100x100px, characters may be simplified due to the small canvas size. larger resizes are available upon request.
♡ pixel icon: $25

♡ add-ons ♡
custom character // $5
props (plushie, pet, weapon etc) // $5-$10
semi-complicated background // $5-$10
alternate dp texts // $3
complicated characters may cost extra, price can vary
♡ animations ♡
simple // $3
(blush, teary eyes, sparkle, wink, arm "bounce")
medium // $5
(blinking, simple expression change, small ear wiggle (eg. cat))
complex // $8
(complex expression change, large ear wiggle (eg. bunny), crying, dripping blood)
particle effects // $8
(eg. snow, rain, light leak, etc) - large art only, these will inflate the file size a lot. I'll try to give you a compressed/smaller size to fit th.
animation costs may increase if the animated area is complicated
I may also be able to do other animations, feel free to ask.

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Terms of Service for lotusillustration/designbylotusGeneral
-By placing an order, you agree you have read and understood my terms of service.
-I accept payments via PayPal invoice, Square invoice, or Ko-fi.
-All my pricing is in United States Dollars (USD) unless otherwise discussed.
-Payment is to be made upfront and in full. Payment is due within 24hrs of the invoice being sent unless otherwise discussed.
-I retain all rights to my art. A watermarked version of your commission may be posted to my social media and/or shared as a sample.
-My art may not be edited in any way without my explicit consent.
-(For regular art) You will be provided a watermarked and unwatermarked file. Please only share the watermarked version publically.
-(For DP art) I do not remove my watermark from DP-sized art.
-If reposting/sharing my art, you must clearly credit me.
-GIFs have a colour limit that is out of my control. Very colourful characters may have colour discrepancies or noise in the final GIF.
-While I generally try to finish in order, I do work concurrently meaning sometimes simpler pieces may be finished before more complex ones.
-My art may be resold for the purchase price or lower.
-If the art is of an OC, the whole OC must be sold/traded together.
Text changes for Display Pictures (DPs) are $3USD, paid through Ko-fi. You may not edit or remove texts yourself.
-Please ask me before reselling/trading pieces that require name changes to ensure I still have the files to edit.
-You may add your own art into the value of a resell, provided you value it at the cost of your equivalent commissions at the time of posting. However, if this rule goes against another involved artist’s ToS, a species ToS, etc, you must follow their rules.
Refund Policies
-Full refunds will only be provided if I have not started the piece.
-Refunds of up to 50% can be given in the lineart stage or earlier. These should only be requested under extenuating circumstances. In this circumstance, I reserve the right to resell the pose as a YCH. You may not finish the work or have another artist finish it.
-Refunds will not be given past the lineart stage unless I am unable to finish the piece.
-You may not issue a chargeback without consulting me first. This will result in blacklisting and revocation of the art.
-Abuse of the refund system may result in blacklisting.
Commercial Use
-Listed pricing is for personal use only. Personal use includes uploading watermarked art to your social media, using the artwork as an icon/display picture, or for any other activities you will not profit from. Credit is required where possible.
-Commercial Use A: If you wish to use the art for promotion/advertising, it falls under Commercial Use A. This will cost 200% of the original cost of the art. Credit is appreciated where possible.
-Commercial Use B: If you will directly profit from the art, such as selling/distributing it as merchandise or as a reward for a paid service such as Patreon or Twitch, it falls under Commercial Use B. This will cost 300% of the original cost of the art. Credit is appreciated where possible.
-Commercial Use C: This applies to adoptables or other original designs made by me. This is +$100USD in most circumstances; however, if the original cost of the design exceeds $100USD, it will be 200% of the original cost.